A wedding session is like a proverbial “icing on a cake” finishing all the wedding events, starting from the moving preparations and ending on a festive wedding reception. It is an ideal way to show the young couple, their interests and shared passion creatively. It can be subtle, romantic or crazy and surprising. Made in a lovely park, mysterious tenement, industrial interiors or in a lively urban space in the city centre.

Romantic or crazy, serious or happy… it doesn’t depend on what climate you prefer, I always take photos with my team, thanks to which I always have a wider range of means to create even better wedding photos. Well, as an old proverb says “two photographers are better than one” :] During wedding sessions I am accompanied by my wife Agnieszka. The mutual passion let us make a perfect team in which both of us know exactly what to do. Having a spare pair of hands, flash illumination and blends, we can quickly and effectively take control of the current conditions by creating the beautifully illuminated photos in the open air, inside, during day or night.

The wedding photographer should take each commission with passion and fulfill it in a creative, unusual way. Wrocław is a city where we live and work most often. It is beautiful and exceptionally charming, there is always a possibility of finding the right frame. However we don’t have to limit ourselves to the Polish cities: Wrocław, Kraków, Warszawa, Poznań or Łódź. We are willing to spend the wild photo shoot day with you in each place on earth! Together we will discover the world’s metropolis like: London, Paris, Rome, Berlin or Barcelona. We will take beautiful, unusual photos which will be a perfect souvenir for the rest of your life. They will be captivating and will make you smile even after many years.