The details make this the most important day of the Young Couple’s life special. They show the wedding climate perfectly and bring back the memories. They have a symbolic character: wedding rings, rice thrown with the wishes of the best fortune or bread which the Young Couple is welcomed with. There are also the details that have an esthetic significance which took much Young Couple’s time to prepare. Who wouldn’t like to take a closer look at the Bride’s bouquet, her jewellery, perfect makeup and hair, Groom’s buttonhole, church decorations or the banquet hall.

The Young Couple, who want to have everything arranged down the last detail, takes care of everything. However, very often many small details are not visible to the guest. Because of that, I make every effort to make the smallest parts, which seem not to have any importance, to be an integral part of the wedding reportage and when used appropriately, to be the diversification of every photo book.