The wedding reportage eternises the passing and unique moments. It tells us about emotions and feelings of people accompanying the young couple, its families and guests in the most important day of their life. It is a story of joy, love and the happiest moments. They are a natural and true picture of memories, there is no artificial directing or pretending. A good wedding reportage shows all the small tones which decide of a final impression. We can divide it into three main pieces: preparation, wedding and a wedding reception.


Wedding preparation is a time when we get to know each other to work in a kind and casual atmosphere in result. As a wedding photographer I start my work by looking at modeling a perfect hairstyle and make up. I take part in putting on wedding dress, veil and jewellery. Together with the Bride I look after the future husband and then I take photos of the emotions and a proud look of the Groom who sees his future wife for the first time. I eternize the emotional blessing and take photo of all the details such as: wedding rings, wedding dress, cufflinks or a bouquet. The preparation is also a good opportunity to take family photos and portraits of the Young Couple.


The wedding ceremony is the most important and the hardest part of the wedding reportage. It cannot be repeated, rewound or corrected, the wedding photographer has to be almost invisible and he has to catch the key scenes like: festive entrance, exchanging vows, putting on wedding rings or signing the marriage certificate. We can’t forget about taking photos of the guests’ reactions and the beautifully decorated place of ceremony. Of much importance is also capturing the ideal moments of the Young Couple leaving and of the kind wishes. And when the first emotions are gone, there is a perfect opportunity for taking a group photograph.


The wedding reception very often last all night. By photographing the Young Couple and their guests I search for emotions, sudden twists, unusual frames and surprising reactions. The most important elements of the wedding reception, without which I can’t imagine the professional wedding reportage, are: entering the banquet hall, toast with breaking glasses, the first dance, cutting the cake, thanking, wedding rituals and many other events connected to the attractions, surprises and games. According to the Young Couple’s wish I take photos with the close family and friends as well.

I take care of the final effect to be the best, that every photograph would tell a story and was moving after many years. I work spontaneously to catch even the smallest movement and emotion, being a silent observer, sometimes invisible for the guests.