„As many people, that many faces and portraits”. A man gives to a photo something more than can offer any, even most beautiful scenery. The photography of people is their life and history, emotions, shapes, many ways of expression and behaviours.

The professional photo session is an incredible souvenir which can last long. We realize that for many people, a photo session is a challenge. However, you don’t have to be a professional model to look beautifully in the photo. We will take care of showing your natural beauty and will make your session a great fun and an unforgettable experience.

Photo sessions are divided into 4 basic types:


This type of photography is one of our favourite. It is an ideal combination of photography GLAMOUR with the elements of FASHION We focus mainly on the model’s appearance, her face, eyes, etc. It is the type of photography used most frequently in the advertisement industry.


Similarly to painting, portrait photography shows the external beauty not forgetting about emotions, feelings and character. The portrait doesn’t have to be a posed photo. We sometimes take photos of people doing usual activities which can show much more than a planned photo.


Fashion photography most frequently show all the silhouette. Most of all, we focus on styling the model and presenting him or her in an attractive way. This posed photo is often taken in movement.


This type of photography focuses mainly on a woman’s sex appeal. It is the art of catching beauty and sensuality of the woman’s body. The session makes woman feel special. It is an ideal gift for your boyfriend, a loved one or your husband.