The maternity is a special state and not without a reason it is called a blessed state :] The pregnancy session is an essence of a woman’s nature. The growing belly gives her sex appeal, let her bloom and show the womanliness inside of her. Every future mother can have beautiful pregnancy pictures and she doesn’t have to be a professional model for that. The session at home, on a flowery meadow, in summer or in winter, after years will be a wonderful souvenir. Every future mother will look back sentimentally at those magic 9 months, which not always have been easy and pleasant. Soon the baby will be born and a growing belly will be just a memory.

The best period to take pregnancy photos is in the 32-36 week of pregnancy. The belly is prettily visible and round and the future mother feel that good that she can pose without effort. Of course, she should look beautifully. She should take care of the styling, makeup and hair. All the treatments will make her look womanly, attractive and self confident. It is worth preparing few gadgets: toys, small clothes, shoes, book on maternity, letters or colorful ribbons to tie the belly. The great idea is also the session with the future father. The joint session will make you feel close and the photos will be fuller and more touching.