It is hard to find a better souvenir from the baby period than those photos. It is an ideal way to eternize your Child’s first moments, to those photos we will go back frequently to look back at those years with affection. The birth of the baby is a beautiful, and intensive at the same time, moment in the life of every family. The first weeks and months pass in a blink of an eye. Often, after many months we find out that we never had time to immortalize those wonderful moments or we have only the photos made by phone.

The children are the most beautiful and the most rewarding models. However, working with them needs much preparation. We need to take care of the right clothes: it is best to use the same garments, light and pastel. It is worth preparing the favourite blanket, teddy bear, all kinds of caps and ribbons which will make your child look charming. It is good to have all types of gadgets as well: soap bubbles, letters, ribbons etc. I, of course, have at my disposal many backgrounds and accessories, but the wonderful and unusual effect we achieve from all of those combined together. The parents know what their child like best :] A great souvenir can also be the family photos so I always encourage to take some frames. We can divide the child photography into three main types: newborns, babies and children sessions.


is made until 2-3 weeks old according to the rule „THE SOONER THE BETTER”. In this period the babies sleep almost all the time and their bodies are “plastic”. They pose without much effort. The session itself lasts many hours, about 2-5h. There is time to feed, change the diaper and comfort the baby. The newborn’s session is made most frequently at home, among familiar scents and noises to make the baby feel good and comfortable.


is made at about 5-8 month of life. We have a lot of patience for those kinds of models and we try to spend enough time with them to gain the best result in the photos. It is the moment when the babies are more interested in the world, they keep their head up lying on the belly and they sit without problems. They often smile, make cute faces, play with their hands and react vividly to their parents. The session itself doesn’t last long, about 1-2h. It is enough to catch the active baby and not to make him tired and bored :)


is made at about 12-14 month of life. It is extremely important because at this time we have a chance to catch the cutely crawling baby or parents looking proudly at the baby’s first steps. This type of sessions seem like a good fun actually. The child has its own paths, has its own opinion and a lot of ideas in his head. The sessions at this age is a great fun for all the family.